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Get your house thoroughly cleaned in Baltimore, MD and surrounding cities!

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Ab​out Us

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Hi Friends! My name is Ana ​Cabrera and this is my family!

Together we started this ​business with the intention of ​helping as many home ​owners, tenants or business ​owners to get their piece of ​mind back with regular ​cleaning services!

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Home Cleaning Services

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Our home cleaning service ​specializes in thoroughly cleaning ​bathrooms, ensuring every surface is ​spotless and sanitized. Homeowners ​benefit from a pristine, germ-free ​space without the hassle and time ​commitment, enhancing comfort and ​hygiene.

Our house cleaning service excels ​in kitchen cleaning, leaving every ​corner gleaming and hygienic. ​Homeowners benefit from a ​spotless, bacteria-free environment ​without the effort, ensuring a ​healthier space for cooking and ​family time.

We offer you the following options ​to accommodate your busy ​schedule

  • One Time
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly

Mo​ve-In & Move-Out

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Moving House
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Our move-in cleaning service ​ensures your new home is spotless ​and ready for you to settle in ​comfortably. Homeowners and ​Tenants benefit from a fresh, ​sanitized environment, saving time ​and effort, and allowing for a stress-​free start in their new space!

Our move-out cleaning service ​ensures your previous residence is ​left spotless, meeting all ​requirements for a smooth ​handover.

Our move-in and move-out cleaning ​services ensure spotless homes for ​seamless transitions. Save time, ​effort, and reduce stress by ​booking our professional services in ​advance for a smooth experience!

De​ep Cleaning Services

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A deep cleaning sets the foundation ​for first-time scheduled regular ​cleaning, ensuring every nook is ​spotless. It eliminates built-up dirt ​and grime, making future ​maintenance easier and keeping ​your home consistently fresh and ​hygienic.

Regular deep cleaning is essential ​to remove hidden dirt, allergens, ​and bacteria that routine cleaning ​might miss. It ensures a healthier ​living environment, extends the life ​of surfaces, and maintains a ​consistently fresh, hygienic home.

Deep cleaning, crucial for first-time ​and periodic services, eradicates ​hidden dirt, allergens, and bacteria, ​ensuring a healthier home.

Book now to maintain a consistently ​fresh, hygienic living space ​effortlessly!

Commercial Cleaning Services

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Our office cleaning service ensures ​every workspace is immaculate and ​sanitized, promoting a healthier ​environment. Businesses benefit ​from a professional, clutter-free ​setting, enhancing employee ​productivity and leaving a positive ​impression on clients.

Our business cleaning service ​provides thorough cleaning for all ​commercial spaces, ensuring a ​spotless and hygienic environment. ​Businesses benefit from a pristine ​atmosphere, improving employee ​well-being!

We offer you the following options ​to ensure your place of business ​gets cleaned!

  • One Time
  • Weekly
  • Bi-​Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Before ​Opening
  • After Hours
  • Weekends

Ne​w Construction Cleaning

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Home Under Construction
Window Cleaning
Young  couple cleaning a construction workshop

New construction cleaning removes ​debris, dust, and residues left from ​building, ensuring a safe, ​presentable space. It's crucial for a ​fresh start, enhancing safety and ​readiness for occupancy or further ​interior work.

New construction cleaning ​addresses specific challenges like ​removing construction dust, debris, ​and residue, which regular ​cleanings typically don't handle. ​This ensures a safe, spotless space ​ready for occupancy.

  • Construction Dust Removal
  • Debris and Waste Disposal
  • Paint and Adhesive Residue ​Removal
  • Fixture and Appliance Cleaning
  • Cabinet and Drawer Wipe Down
  • And much more!

Carpet & Furniture Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning enhances indoor air ​quality by removing allergens, dust, ​and dirt trapped in fibers. It prolongs ​carpet life, improves appearance, ​and creates a healthier, more ​comfortable living environment for ​homeowners and tenants alike.

Carpet cleaning is crucial for pet ​owners as it effectively removes ​stains, odors, and bacteria from ​accidents. It maintains a clean and ​hygienic environment, prolongs ​carpet life, and ensures a fresh, ​odor-free home for all!

Area rug cleaning removes stains, ​odors, and bacteria effectively, ​ensuring a fresh, hygienic home. It ​preserves rug quality, extends its ​lifespan, and maintains a clean, ​comfortable environment for ​homes or apartments residents!

Window Cleaning Serv​ices

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Window cleaning enhances curb ​appeal and natural light, improving ​the overall appearance and ​atmosphere of homes and ​businesses. It removes dirt, streaks, ​and grime, ensuring clear views and ​a more pleasant indoor environment ​for occupants and customers alike

Window cleaning boosts energy ​efficiency by allowing more sunlight ​in. It prevents glass degradation ​and extends window lifespan. ​Additionally, it enhances ​professional image for businesses ​and maintains home resale value.

Regular window cleaning enhances ​visibility, reducing the need for ​artificial lighting. It helps to ​prevent mold and extends window ​life.

Don't wait—book now!

Power Washing Ser​vices

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power washing - man cleaning terrace with a power washer - high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface
Power washing pool patio tiles

Power washing efficiently removes ​dirt, mold, and grime from surfaces ​like driveways, decks, and siding, ​enhancing property appearance and ​longevity. It's essential for ​maintaining a clean, safe ​environment and preserving ​property value for everyone.

Pressure washing revitalizes ​surfaces by removing tough stains, ​algae, and debris, improving curb ​appeal. It prevents costly repairs by ​preserving the integrity of ​driveways, decks, and exteriors. ​Enhance your property's beauty!

Power washing evokes satisfaction ​and pride in homeowners as they ​witness their property ​transformed. It rejuvenates ​surfaces, revealing their original ​beauty, and creates a fresh, ​inviting atmosphere.

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